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Pummeled to Death by Hamburger” is a fantastic read. The Author, David A. Dawson, masterfully combines education with the delightful character “Michael Dunston” and his journey through the bureaucratic nightmare of chronic illness, multiple disabilities, insurance company red tape, and the right to use Medicinal Cannabis in place of opiates. “Pummeled” is informative, rich in Cannabis education, Endocannabinoid system function, and detailed information about Cannabinoid receptor cells and their function. Michael Dunston leads the reader through the maddening maze of Insurance denials and multiple physician visits to receive approval and payment for basic medical rights and care. Michael’s journey allows him to educate his physicians and other patients about Cannabis and the necessity of having the freedom to chose, medicate and balance the Endocannabinoid system with Cannabis. David A. Dawson provides the reader a glimpse into the daily reality of the disabled through Michael Dunston. Based on a fictitious character, yet authentic situations, the combination of loss, triumph, and a gripping ending will leave the reader wanting more, long after they finish the book.

Michelle Benton - Rhodes

Michael Dunston tries to pull together the fragments of his life after the ravages of years of doctor-prescribed pharmaceuticals for his medical conditions. Medicinal Cannabis turns out to be the key to his future. Already occupied with trying to survive the various bureaucracies in his life, he ventures into the bureaucratic minefield of Illinois’ fledgling medical Cannabis program in his quest for better, more effective treatment. He teams up with Caitlin. Using his expert knowledge of Cannabis molecules and their effect on the body, they set out to try to change the world! The situations that Michael Dunston’s character finds himself in are outrageous, desperate, and believable. At the book’s end, what does the reader know about Caitlin? I’m looking forward to a sequel to find out more!

Suzy Q

This book is a wild and hilarious ride. As the first work of fiction penned by this author the achievement is impressive, and one can only assume that much of the content was pulled from his real-life experiences. But if that is true, then he only deserves the more respect for it. A fast-paced build up to a stunning ending! I’m already waiting for the next book.

Michelle Benton - Rhodes

This book is a statement on the absurdity of society and the hilarity of living life in America. It’s a timely parody of the bureaucratic absurdities surrounding Cannabis. The Plot twists could not be funnier or more engaging. I look forward to the screen play.

Amazon Customer

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